Reading in Limerick

© White House Poets
© White House Poets

On 11 November, I will be reading old & new work at the White House Poets’ gathering in Limerick.  There will also be an open mic.

Time: 9pm   Location: The White House Pub, 52 O’ Connell Street, Limerick.


A Not So Stony Thursday!


A gorgeous evening here in Limerick for the launch of The Stony Thursday anthology.

This year’s editor is Mary O’Donnell, and it looks like the city has put on its best frock for her! So unlike the stormy night last year.


I’m very happy that my poem ‘Grave Good’ is in such lovely company.

Shopping and …

You can read a new blog about my trip to Beara, by clicking above on the Writer’s Blog ^^^^^^

Am just home from a trip into Galway. Haven’t been in all summer; too busy with the Radio Diploma and work experience in West Clare. It was time for a bit of necessary (ahem) shopping: a boxload of my favourite coffee in M&S, mini hot cross buns, and a coffee & walnut cake.

Treats over, there was money spent on paint and a new lampshade for the guest room, and boring but essential printer ink. WHY is printer ink so expensive? Answers on a postcard please …

I also got my hands on these beauties:

Autumn Reading © Karen J McDonnell
Autumn Reading
© Karen J McDonnell

That’s me sorted for the lengthening evenings at edge of Europe. (Oooooh, I love getting book tokens as gifts!)