The Western Skyline Podcast – 10 March 2018

This Western Skyline is all about The Mammy. Four poems this week, by Irish poets. And we play your requests for your mum. Plus some arts news, and wonderful classical music; instrumental and vocal.

The playlist includes Vivaldi, JS Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Elgar and Satie.
Enjoy. Hope you spoiled The Mammy!



Marriage Equality & Presidents

Yes Tá

On the day of the Marriage Equality and Presidential referendums my colleague Julie Flavin and I visited a rural polling station to record a vox pop ‘exit poll’.

When we head off to do vox pops, we never know what we are going to get … in terms of material and/or abuse! Actually, a lot of the time people are shy. And no more so than when you are trying to find out how they have voted. So, thank you to everyone who spoke to us so freely.

But there is one voice that I cannot forget; she was the person I first thought of as the results came through the next day.

She came out of the polling station with her father (I presume) – who gestured with a wave of his arm to her that here we were … at her disposal … that she could speak out in any way she liked. And we were delighted to record her.

In fact, it was a privilege to hear this young woman – voting for the first time – for whom that day was so important.

The vox pop was first broadcast on Tuesday 26 May on Wild Atlantic Waves Radio, as part of the Midday Show during our News in Focus slot.

It was mixed down by Julie, and she did a fantastic job. The excerpt here includes intro and outro clips on either side of the vox pop: