Happy Half-Hour – on the Western Skyline


My 30 minute Western Skyline show this morning on Wild Atlantic Waves Radio was all about Happiness:

– what is it?

– do we deserve it?

– what makes our listeners happy?

– did you know that an Irishman inspired the writers of the American Declaration of Independence?

Life, Liberty and ...
Life, Liberty and …

We had an old happy song courtesy of the Partridge Family. And there were a couple of newish happy songs – thank you Take That and yes, you’ve guessed it, Pharrell Williams!

There was an interview, vox pop, and a happy list.

Thanks to everyone who contacted us on Facebook and Twitter: you seem to be quite a happy bunch!

Flash of Happiness
Flash of Happiness

Image: from Wikimedia Creative Commons

Have a listen to the podcast below: do you agree that Happiness and Contentment are two different things?

I’d love to read your opinion, here on the website, or on the Wild Atlantic Waves Radio Facebook page.  And here’s hoping a flash of happiness flares up in your path today.