Be.COMing a dot com

OOOOH! There’s posh!

I invested a few more euros that I don’t have, and had myself dot.commed.

My website is now

Apart from that, the song remains the same – as Led Zeppelin might have said.  There’s a new post up today on my Writer’s Blog: the second one about writers’ retreats.

My writing continues apace. I’ve been re-drafting since the summer trips to Annaghmakerrig and the John Hewitt Intl. Summer School, and I’ve been submitting work. We will pass speedily over the competitions I’ve entered!

My little compadre keeps me company as I slave over a hot PC.

Bessa, aka CAT.
Bessa, aka CAT.

I think this year has been about development, and stepping up to the poetic block. And that’s no bad thing.

Keep on truckin’, bad hombres and nasty women!

I'm not sure about the copyright on this - I'd be glad to rectify that.
I’m not sure about the copyright on this – I’d be glad to rectify that.