Civil Protest in Hungary

There are so many troubles in the world and so many loud voices of state trying to muffle, or murder, legitimate protest.

Protest in Budapest 12 April 2017. Photo by Zoltan Balogh (MTI via AP) From Washington Post site.

In parts of eastern Europe, the Right has been gaining steadily; especially in Hungary. This is disturbing, and also sad when we consider that the permitted movement of other nationalities through Hungary helped to contribute to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now Orban’s Hungary is shutting down dissent, borders, and institutions dedicated to independent thinking.

The EU must act decisively. NOW.

I’m glad to be a signatory of this letter of protest along with many others:

Many thanks to poet George Szirtes for organising this letter, and for his consistent commitment to highlighting events taking place in the land of his birth. Köszönöm, George.