Three years ago today, as a way of dealing with Covid lockdown, the former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins started a poetry broadcast on Facebook. That first evening – cocktail time where he lives! – it was his birthday.

Since then the little community of viewers and comment-makers has grown. Billy and his wife Suzannah have continued the broadcasts, even though the world has opened up and he is in demand for live events and readings. A second book has been published since the broadcasts began.

Some of the regulars sent birthday and thank you cards to celebrate the third anniversary. Last night’s broadcast was fun. What blew my mind was that the birthday boy read out one of my Burren poems, Super Moon.

Chuffed. That’s what I am.

Here’s a link to the broadcast. Hell, you might even join the rest of us on Tuesdays and Thursdays! Once the clocks go forward at the weekend, it’s at 10.30pm Irish time.

Copy link to the Poetry Broadcast 21 March 2023 when BC read my poem Super Moon.