What have we ever done for the Romans?

The title of this post paraphrases a famous line from The Life of Brian. 

romans life of brian

Well, here is someone who is doing something for the Romans … and the ancient Greeks.

Meet sixteen year old Oscar McHale – who had me smiling broadly as I drove into class this morning. Oscar was on the John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1 – talking Classics and all things classical. It was fantastic to hear someone of Oscar’s age make a case for Classics in the classroom at secondary level, and to echo comments common in the corridors of our universities right now: that most of the funding in education in this country focuses on science; to the detriment of the arts.

Oscar obviously adores the subject – he started lectures for friends who were interested in learning more about Classics. Now, there is a society for young Irish Classics fans – with support from Trinity College and Oscar’s teacher. Check them out on Twitter @CYSI_ and on their Facebook page.

And if you want something to make you smile in these dark days of the 1% majority and the dark deeds of global markets capitalism – listen to the podcast of today’s radio interview here


As someone who graduated in Classics and History, I was delighted to hear Oscar express such an interest in both subjects.  Best of luck to him in the years ahead. And good luck to the CYSI