The Western Skyline Podcast – 08 September 2018

The Western Skyline was delighted to welcome back writer Marion Cox to the show – this time as the administrator of the Lady Gregory-Yeats Autumn Gathering at Coole Park. Lots of info about this year’s programme, plus a lovely reading by Marion of one of Yeats’s poems about Major Robert Gregory. The Gathering takes place from 28-30 September, in Gort, Coole Park, Kiltartan, and Thoor Ballylee.

Plus a quick look at local events on Culture Night which takes place on Friday 21st. And great music – of course! Hope you enjoy the show.
Photo: Autumn Leaves (c) Karen J McDonnell


Trekking Through Laurel Canyon – on the Western Skyline

My solo radio show on on May 27 was inspired by an article in Vanity Fair by Lisa Robinson. You can read ‘An Oral History of Laurel Canyon’  here.

laurel canyon

This time around on the Western Skyline, I journeyed to Laurel Canyon of the 60s and 70s and played tracks by Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills & Nash and others.

You can listen to the show here:

The playlist is below:

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield,  Buffalo Springfield 1966 Atco Records

Monday, Monday – The Mamas & Papas, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears 1966 Dunhill Records

A Case of You – Joni Mitchell, Blue 1971 Warner Bros. Records

Woodstock – Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Dejá Vu 1970 Atlantic Recording Corp.

Cathedral – Crosby Stills  & Nash, CSN Greatest Hits 1977, 2005 Atlantic Recording Corp.

Carey  – Joni Mitchell,  Blue 1971 Warner Bros. Records

Home Again – Carole King, Tapestry 1971 Ode Records

I Feel the Earth Move – Carole King, Tapestry 1971 Ode Records

Earlybird – The Eagles, Eagles 1972 Asylum Records

Marrakesh Express – Crosby Stills & Nash, CSN Greatest Hits 1977, 2005 Atlantic Recording Corp.